Loymax, 2024

Loymax Information Portal

The Loymax system is an IT platform for implementing loyalty programs of any complexity

The Loymax system enables to:

  • Create and configure offers: manage rules, determine points of sale, terms and conditions.
  • Form target audiences: motivate passive, retain active and attract new customers.
  • Create and maintain communications channels with customers, form Loyalty Program (LP) customer groups for mailing.
  • Group and flexibly classify products.
  • Use several roles to manage the Loyalty Program with various access rights.
  • Collect, store and process customer data.
  • Generate multidimensional analytical reports.
  • Run communications campaigns of nearly any complexity.
  • View detailed analytics on customer interaction.
  • Create personalised offers without the marketer's involvement.

How to use the portal?

The portal consists of four main sections, which are available in the menu on the left:

General Information

A brief description of the main features of the System

Installation and Configuration

System configuration instructions


Description of standard solutions, examples of offers, as well as guides on working in the Marketing Management Platform (MMP)


Ways to connect and use our API

To find the necessary information on the portal, use the navigation menu, search function or tag cloud

Version history