Loymax, 2024

3. User Guide

The section includes information about the main modules of the Loymax system. It also describes how to work in the Marketing Management Platform (MMP), how to set preferences in the Loyalty Program, and how to set up communication channels to work with customers.

Marketing Management Platform (MMP)

How to set up offers, form target audiences and issue bonus cards to customers?
  • Detailed guides on setting up offers, creating mailings, advertising materials, and administration in the MMP


How to use customer data for analytics and generate reports?
  • Description of Loymax BI module
  • Description of measures and measurements
  • Instructions for downloading data from DWH

Smart Communications

How to automate personalized mailings to customers?
  • Creating personal and timely communications with customers based on purchase history and responses to incentives

Personal Account

How to set up a Personal Account on your website and what opportunities does it provide?
  • Personal Account builder on the website
  • Functionality and examples of a Personal Account

Mobile App

How to design a Mobile App with its own settings and what opportunities does the Mobile App give to customers?
  • Mobile App Builder
  • Features of Personal Account in the Mobile App

Gift Certificates

How to use a gift certificate?
  • Additional payment method for purchases
  • Features of use
  • Life cycle and possible operations at the cash register

Call Center

How to update customer credentials and promptly solve their requests?
  • Receiving calls in a computer telephony system
  • Processing of customer requests

Social Networks

How to use social networks in Loyalty Program?
  • Additional authorization method, communication channel and event source for offers

Electronic Wallets

How do e-Wallets integrate with Loymax?
  • Integration of the Loymax system with e-Wallets and card aggregators
  • Possibilities of using electronic cards


How to set up customer feedback? 
  • Receiving and processing requests from customers via various communication channels

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