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7b47a0e5-0261-4cc2-98f8-e792f6ed3e04.pngThe Loymax system history began in 2011 with the idea of implementing a comprehensive coalition loyalty program (LP), uniting major retail chains from various business sectors.percent.png

The major objective of the development team was to create a universal platform for implementing the LP in any business sector, whether it is a network of coffee shops, gas stations, pharmacies, DIY, FMCG or any other, considering the unique aspects of each.

The first LP based on the Loymax platform was launched in October 2012. Representatives of 12 market-leading retail chains from various business sectors in Tomsk participated in a coalition LP for the pilot project. More than 70% of Tomsk residents became participants of this program by the end of 2013.

Currently, the company has more than 40 partners in 17 regions of Russia and neighboring countries. More than half of the partners represent the consumer goods segment of the market, while others are involved in banking services, sports goods, fashion, pharmacy, and food industry services. Over 400 marketing campaign mechanics are implemented on the basis of the Loymax system, more than 40 pre-configured analytical reports are generated, integration with 11 types of cash register software and with all popular social networks and instant messengers is implemented.


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  • How to integrate cash register with the Loymax system?
  • How to integrate online store and other customer services? 
  • How to upload a product catalog?
  • How to upload offers?
  • How to install and configure the System?
  • How to create and configure a Personal Account?
  • How to build a Mobile App?
  • How to configure interaction with social networks?
  • What is MMP and how to work with it? 
  • Why do I need a Personal Account and Mobile App?
  • How to communicate with customers and how does the Support Service work?
  • How to use social networks, chatbot, electronic and gift cards?

Loymax system modules




Loymax Loyalty

Processing discounts and bonus points, managing offers and marketing campaigns

Loymax CRM + Call Center

Unified customer base for segmentation, hotline service for LP Members, Personal Account, Mobile App

Loymax BI

Business analysis of customer information, building analytical reports

Loymax Smart Communications

Smart customer communications

Loymax ML

Personalized promos for each customer via optimum communication channel

Additional services:

Useful information:

Project Launch Scheme

Stages of launching an automated Loyalty Program based on Loymax processing


Security is a fundamental direction in the implementation of our software product


We do not stand still, the System is constantly evolving according to the latest trends

Loymax Dictionary

List of terms and definitions used in the System


Announcement of new articles and changes on the Loymax customer information portal

CJM. How to improve customer experience?

Visualizing customer interaction with Loyalty Program: from interest to registration and loyalty cultivation

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